Dinner Denied

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  • Timeline of Events: September 12, 2020

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    And we begin . . .

  • Sep 12, 5:59 PM

    I'd like to report the following about my recent order from Tatsu's French Restaurant:

    this is absurd. cancelling an order minutes before it was due to arrive. today at 5pm kansas city time, you wrote: "Your scheduled order from Tatsu's French Restaurant is set to arrive by 6:30pm." at 5:38 you wrote: "Oh no! Your Postmates order has been cancelled because it can't be completed from this store's location. Don't worry, you weren't charged.”

    unacceptable. please contact me immediately: 646.575.1200

    Jared Ross
    Sep 12, 6:02 PM

    Hi Harold,

    Thank you for contacting Postmates! I understand how disappointing it is learning that your order was accepted and then cancelled due to issues with your delivery. This is not the kind of experience we planned for you, so I offer you our apologies. I will be glad to help you solve this inconvenience.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we could not complete your order from Tatsu's French Restaurant and we had to cancel it. This rarely happens and we cannot apologize enough for the trouble.

    We’ve cancelled all the charges related to this order and any pending charges on your card, may take 1-3 business days to be released.

    If you have any questions, we will gladly help you with them.

    Thanks for choosing Postmates, and have a great day ahead, Harold!

    Jared R.
    Customer Service Professional
  • Sep 12, 6:07 PM

    i set up this meal for my father's 94th birthday. your apology falls entirely short in explaining WHY this happened. i phoned tatsu's and they did not receive any order from you. i expect you tell me WHY this happened. immediately. tatsu's informed me they are able to fill the order quickly. as in: right now. a phone call, jared, would be in order: 646.575.1200.

    most sincerely,
    hd klopper

    Sep 12, 6:22 PM

    Hi Harold,

    Thank you for reaching back to Postmates Email Support!

    I am sorry to hear that your order from Tatsu's French Restaurant was cancelled 5 minutes before the promised delivery time. I understand the frustration this has caused you. I am happy to assist.

    Upon looking into the order details, it appears that there was an issue in our system connecting with the merchant and was not able to relay the order details to them. I am sorry that it took too long for us to cancel the order since we are actually working to fix the issue and tried to reconnect with the merchant to ensure that we will have your order prepared. Unfortunately, we are not able to fix this sooner.

    As a token of our apology, I have gone ahead and applied a credit of $5.00 to your Postmates account. It will be applied to your next order right away. Please make sure to use the credit on or before October 12, 2020.

    I sincerely appreciate your feedback as it is truly the customer's experience, both good and bad, that aids in the improvements and modifications made to make this a better service for those that we aim to serve. Rest assured that we take customer service, and your feedback very seriously, and we always make amends and rectify any issues to the fullest extent of our abilities.

    We will be following up and sharing your experience with all the right people to do everything in our power to make improvements for this issue so that we will serve you better in the future.

    Thank you for using Postmates. Please reach out to us if you need further assistance. Take care, Harold. Have a great day!
  • Sep 12, 6:49 PM

    unacceptable and absurd. as i understand your response, a computer glitch prevented a 94 year-old man from enjoying his birthday dinner from his favorite restaurant. in my world, when there's a computer error, we pick up the phone and have actual human communication. you've let a computer malfunction become more important than human interaction. if you truly appreciate my feedback, as you say, then this should speak loudly to you: your $5 is an insult. keep it. you providing the meal -- at cost -- would be the only satisfactory resolution. until then, we won't be using your service.

    hd klopper

    Gwyneth Gallagher
    Sep 12, 7:07 PM

    Hi Harold,

    Thanks for following up. I sincerely apologize that there was an error with your order. I understand how disappointing and frustrating this can be. We want you to have an awesome experience when you use our service, and we're sorry that it didn't happen with this order. Let me fill you up regarding this issue.

    Please let me assure you that any errors made while processing your order were not intentional. We take customer service very seriously, and we always seek to rectify any mistakes made while handling an order.

    I hope we get the opportunity to redeem ourselves with this failed order by completing more orders for you in the future. If there's anything else we can assist you with, please let us know; we are happy to help.

    Thank you for choosing Postmates and have a great day, Harold!

    Gwyneth G.
    Customer Service Professional
  • Sep 13, 6:37 AM

    when you write "Let me fill you up regarding this issue," i'm going to assume you've accepted my request for compensation, and postmates will pay for the birthday dinner that was cancelled last night because your system glitched.

    the restaurant is tatsu's french restaurant in overland park, ks. one chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, seasoned rice, and glazed carrots. one veal with lemon butter sauce, roasted garlic mashed red potatoes, and glazed carrots. two orders of french bread. (see attached.)

    thank you for filling us up and making amends. let's say delivery at 6:00pm today.

    hd klopper
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    Winston Stevens
    Sep 13, 6:47 AM

    Hi Harold,

    Thanks for getting back to us. I understand you want us to pay for your cancelled Tatsu's French Restaurant order. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Let’s see if there is anything we can do to help the situation.

    First of all, we’re very sorry we didn’t bring your items today due to unforeseen circumstances and we had to cancel your order. Rest assured that we won’t charge you for this order and we have issued $5 Postmates credit already for the mistake. However, as much as we would like to attend to your request, we strictly comply with our systems provided resolution.

    Please let us know if you have more questions. Thanks for choosing Postmates, Harold!
    Winston S.
    Customer Service Professional
  • Sep 13, 7:39 AM

    let's remember that yesterday's failure of your "systems provided resolution" prevented us from having a 94th birthday dinner. surely there's a human being on your team who is able to override your glitchy system and approve this reasonable request. also, in yesterday's order you recommended the Romaine Salade ($4.55) as an add-on. we do have some digestive concerns about the Romaine, but if you're recommending it let's throw caution to the wind and add a salad to the meal. thank you for the recommendation, winston! really looking forward to this.

    hd klopper

    Charlotte Woods
    Sep 13, 7:55 AM

    Hi Harold‍,

    Thank you for following up. I hear your frustration and I’m sorry that our solution did not meet your expectations. Let me provide you further information regarding this matter.

    Please know that your feedback is truly appreciated; it helps us refine our service so we can better serve you. I will make sure your comments are passed along to the right people.

    After looking into the order again, I wanted to let you know that we are not able to take any further action.

    Please be advised that we have added $5.00 Postmates credit to your account. This credit will automatically apply to your next Postmates order. Keep in mind, this credit will expire on Oct 12, 2020; make sure to place an order soon!

    Thank you for your feedback. We hope you’ll give Postmates another shot soon. Have a great day, Harold!

    Charlotte W.
  • Sep 13, 8:14 AM

    thank you for hearing my frustration. (you have good ears!) i'm still trying to find a way to override your "systems provided resolution" responses, and i remain hopeful about the free, now-belated 94th birthday dinner. in the meantime, i see that your response is a lot like your colleague aj's response yesterday. so, right now i just want to confirm that aj has added a $5 credit to my account and you have also just added a $5 credit to my account, for a total of $10 in account credit. also, we will be fasting for religious reasons until october 13, 2020 and will be unable to use the credits before your expiration date of october 12, 2020. please extend the expiration until october 14, 2020. much appreciated!

    all tingly,
    hd klopper

    Kira W.
    Sep 13, 8:36 AM

    Hi Harold,

    Thanks for getting back to us regarding the issue you are having with the credits on your account. Allow me to explain.

    I understand your frustration regarding this issue. Upon checking, I see that we have issued $5.00 Postmates credit to your account. This credit will automatically apply to your next Postmates order. Keep in mind, this credit will expire in 30 days so please make sure to place an order soon. Any pending holds on your card may take 1-3 business days to release, if not sooner depending on your banking institution's processing time.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to modify the timeframe of the credit on your account. Your $5.00 Postmates credit will expire on October 12, 2020.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. Thanks for choosing Postmates, Harold.

    Kira W.
    Customer Service Professional
  • Sep 13, 9:44 AM

    hi, kira.
    my systems administrator is issuing an invoice to postmates for the time spent dealing with this issue and wants to know where to send it. the amount is $86.18 which, incredibly, is just a penny off from what you would have charged us for the 94th birthday dinner if your system hadn't failed spectacularly. what an odd coincidence! please let me know where to send the invoice. thank you for your cooperation.

    receivably yours,
    hd klopper

    Aidan Ross
    Sep 13, 9:59 AM

    Hi Harold,

    Thank you for choosing Postmates. Thank you for letting us know about your concerns. Let me look further into this for you.

    We’ll be sure to share your experience with all the right people and do all that we can to improve. Rest assured that we take your feedback seriously.

    We thank you for your feedback. We hope you’ll give Postmates another shot soon, Harold. Have a great day.

    Aidan R.
    Customer Service Professional