Time to Eat Soup

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  • From: Hal Klopper
    Date: October 9, 2003
    To: Thai Kitchen
    Subject: So-Called Roasted Garlic Rice Noodle Bowl

    Dear Good People at Thai Kitchen:

    This afternoon, just a little while ago, I poured boiling water into the bowl of your Roasted Garlic Noodle Bowl, along with the seasoning packets. I closed the lid and waited three minutes.

    Easy instruction. Simple preparation. Time to eat soup!

    I was really looking forward to Roasted Garlic today. Wards off vampires and colds (I live in Brooklyn).

    But my bowl was floating with green onions. No garlic. Surprised? You betcha!

    I think someone at Thai Kitchen wrapped a Roasted Garlic package around a Spring Onion bowl.

    Your mistake! But don't worry You can turn your error into an advantage: how about making a Thai Kitchen Chef's Surprise Rice Noodle Bowl? That way, you'll never be wrong!

    By the way, I was in Thailand a couple years ago. Very friendly people! Always smiling! I am smiling!

    Hal Klopper
    482 9th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    cc: Interested Citizens
  • From: Hal Klopper
    Date: November 24, 2003
    To: Thai Kitchen
    Subject: my soup

    I thank you very kindly.

    Late this morning, via Airborne Express, I received an assortment of seven Rice Noodle Bowls and a coupon for more of your product, plus Styrofoam packing peanuts too numerous to count.

    (It arrived just in time, too. I was getting ready to go out for lunch.)

    This is extremely generous compensation for my alarming experience last month with the so-called Roasted Garlic Rice Noodle Bowl. In truth, after I alerted you to the problem, all I really hoped was that you wouldn't report it to Homeland Security and have me banned from shopping at my local grocery stores. (I hear they can do that now.)

    Say, would you like me to work up that advertising campaign for the Chef's Surprise Rice Noodle Bowl? Americans love to gamble. The Chef's Surprise would be like playing the lottery, with soup!

    Also do you recommend basting a turkey with the Thai Ginger or the Lemongrass & Chili seasoning?

    Your gift is proof that I don't have to fly all the way to Thailand to smile!

    Thanks for not putting an invoice in the box!

    Hal Klopper
    Loyal Customer

    cc: Interested Citizens